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Aqua Boy Moisture Meter Cable Price In Bangladesh

৳ 10,500.00

We take pride in providing low-cost solutions without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a farmer, builder, or industrial professional, our moisture meter cables will meet your needs. Count on Aqua Boy for affordability, authenticity, and excellence in moisture measurement technology, contributing to your success in managing moisture levels effectively in Bangladesh.

Aqua-Boy Textiles Moisture Meter

৳ 155,000.00

Wool: 8 to 24.5% moisture content
Rayon: 3 to 23% moisture content
Cotton: 2 to 12% moisture content
Comparison measurement: 0 – 100 scale

TEMI Textiles Moisture Meter H&M Approved

৳ 155,000.00

TEMI Textiles Moisture Meter  is calibrated and tailor-made specifically for the textile industry. Aqua-Boy moisture meters analyze the moisture content of solid materials in a host of applications.

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