30 Gal / 114 LITER SYSBEL Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets

Model WA810300
Volume(Gal/L) 30/114
Certification FM, CE
Door type Double door/manual
Adjustable Shelves(Pcs) 1
Shelf Loading Weight(Kgs) 100
Ext dimension(H*W*D/cm) 112*109*46
Packing Dimension(H*W*D/cm 128*116*53
N.W.(kgs.) 87
G.W.(kgs.) 107

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13 April - 15 April

SYSBEL FM and CE Approved 30 Gal Flammable Liquid and

Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets

The corner flammable liquid storage cabinet produced by SYSBEL is welded into a double-walled structure with 18Ga high-quality steel plate. The cabinet structure is stable and durable. It is used to store various flammable liquid chemicals and is suitable for most flammable liquid storage. The corner safety cabinet is suitable for places with cramped storage space, and maximizes the use of free corners as storage space. It is convenient to put chemicals at hand when working, and improve work efficiency. The corner-type flammable liquid safety storage cabinet can be managed in a standardized, organized, and classified storage of flammable liquids of different properties and dangerous levels, effectively preventing and reducing the risk of man-made or natural disasters.

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Adjustable shelf every 7.6cm, freely adjust, increase the space utilization rate

Adjustable shelf

Flame barrier: fire and explosion-proof vents, one on each side of the cabinet

 Flame barrier

Three-point linkage lock: SYSTEX flat handle, lock is firmer, switch is convenient, and does not take up space

Three-point linkage lock


MSDS management: standard MSDS file box, implementation of chemical file management

MSDS management

FM fuse (only self-closing door products): automatically blown at 74℃, self-closing door closes

FM fuse

Three-point lock: anti-static design of three-point linkage lock

Three-point lock

Certified anti-static device (optional): The wire clamp reliably connects the standing grounding device to the safety cabinet, and leads the static charge to the ground to prevent static sparks from causing fire accidents.

Certified anti-static device

Self-closing device (self-closing door products only): With its own self-closing system, it can automatically close the metal with the cooperation of the fuse.

Self-closing device

Reflective label: In the case of heavy smoke and fire, the position of the cabinet can be quickly locked by lighting.

Reflective label

Thick packaging: The corners are supported and reinforced, and the thick corrugated packaging is used to facilitate transportation and ensure the safety of product transportation.

Thick packaging

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30 Gal / 114 LITER SYSBEL Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets
30 Gal / 114 LITER SYSBEL Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets