AS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detector

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SMART SENSOR Multi-Gas Monitor AS8900 

Multi Gas Monitor Gas leak detection methods became a concern after the effects of harmful gases on human health were discovered. Before modern electronic sensors, early detection methods relied on less precise detectors. Through the 19th and early 20th centuries, coal miners would bring canaries down to the tunnels with them as an early detection system against life-threatening gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane. The canary, normally a very songful bird, would stop singing and eventually die if not removed from these gases, signaling the miners to exit the mine quickly.

Multi-Gas Monitor

The first gas detector in the industrial age was the flame safety lamp (or Davy lamp) was invented by Sir Humphry Davy (of England) in 1815 to detect the presence of methane (firedamp) in underground coal mines. The flame safety lamp consisted of an oil flame adjusted to a specific height in the fresh air. To prevent ignition with these lamps the flame was contained within a glass sleeve with a mesh flame arrestor. The flame height varied depending on the presence of methane (higher) or the lack of oxygen (lower). To this day, in certain parts of the world flame safety lamps are still in service.

 Brand SMART SENSOR Multi-Gas Monitor
 Color Yellow
 Material ABS plastic
 Gas Type Oxygen / Carbon Monoxide /
Hydrogen sulfide / Combustible Gas
 Resolution 0.1% / 1μmo/mol(ppm) / 1%
 Measuring Principle Electrochemical principle life for 2 years
 Low / High Alarm / Alarm Setting  V
 Alarm Sound, Light Alarm. Adjustable Alarm values,
Alarm sound up to 80 db.
 Operating temperature -10~50℃ (except LEL is 0 ~40℃ )
 Operating humidity 15%-95%RH (Standard)
 Power 3.7V li-battery (Built-in)
 Battery working runtime: 8-10 hours. And 4-6 hours work with AS8930 sampling pump.  (work in room temperature and no alarm conditions.)
 Product Net Weight / Size 200g / 120.2*64.5*38.3mm
 Packing Gift Box
 Packing ContentsAS8900 4 in 1 muilt gases monitor
User manual
Carrying brouch
7V rechargable lithium battery
Charging adaptor
Sensor specification:
 Gas Range Resolution T90
 Oxygen (O2) 0~30% 0.1% 10sec
 Combustile (LEL) 0~100%LEL 0.1% 35sec
 Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0~999ppm 1ppm 50sec
 Hyrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0~500ppm 1ppm 30sec

Handheld gas detector Oxygen O2 Hydrogen sulfide H2S Carbon Monoxide CO Combustible Gas 4 in 1 

The effect of oxygen-deficient and oxygen-enriched atmospheres
 The concentration of oxygen(%) Symptoms (atmospheric pressure)
 100% , 6 minutes(Absolutely airtight environment, such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber
 50% can be cured after 45 minutes treatment. (Absolutely airtight environment, such as hyperbaric
oxygen chamber)
 >23.5% Rich oxygen
 20.9% Normal
 19.5% Minimum
 15~19% Reduce efficiency, and lead to problems of head,lung and circulation system
 10~12% Shortness of breath, loss of judgment, purple lips
 8~10% governance loss, syncope, unconscious, pale, nausea and vomiting
 6~8% 8 minutes, blood pressure, weak heartbeat,mouth breathing, quickly stopped breathing
 4~6% 40 seconds, convulsions, respiratory arrest, death
Harm of carbon monoxide
 Content of carbon monoxide in Air Suction time and showed symptoms of poisoning
 50ppm Maximum
 200ppm 2~3 hours , a slight headache, dizziness, nausea
 400ppm 2hours, forehead pain, life risk after 3hours
 800ppm Headache, nausea within 45minutes,death within 2~3hours
 1600ppm Headache, nausea within 20 minutes ,death within 1 hour
The concentration of Hydrogen and symptoms of poisoning
 Range Symptoms of poisoning
 Unit: ppm Unit: mg/m3
 0.025~0.1 0.035~0.14 Olfactory sensation
 50~100 70~140 Slight symptoms of poisoning within 1~2 hours
 100~150 140~210 Olfactory nerve paralysis,obvious poisoning symptoms
 200~250 210~350 Can afford 0.5~1 hour, but sequela
 200~350 350~490 Poisoning in 6~8 minutes,death within 4~8 hours
 350~500 490~700 Seriously poisoned within 0.5~1hour,death within 1~4 hours
 500~600 700~835 Seriously poisoned within 1minute,death within 0.5~4 hours
 600~700 835~980 Death within 2~15 minutes
 700~1000 980~1400 Imediately die
Commonly used flammable gas explosion limit Table
 Name Chemical for mula The explosion limit in air (V%)
 Upper limit LEL Lower limit LEL
 Methane CH4 5 15
 Ethane C2H6 3 15.5
 Propane C3H8 2.1 9.5
 Butane C4H10 1.9 8.5
 Gasoline(Liquid) C4-C12 1.1 5.9
 Kerosene(Liquid) C10-C16 0.6 5
 City gas 4
 liquefied petroleum gas 1 12
 Turpentine(Liquid) C10-C16 0.8

Multi-Gas gas analyzer


AS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detectorAS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detector

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AS8900 Multi Gas Monitor Handheld gas detector
৳ 51,000.00