Beesley Balance RAMP INDIA

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Beesley Balance  The count of yarn is defined as a number indicating its Weight. In DIRECT SYSTEM, the count is the weight of a Unit Length of yarn. For example – “TEX” is number of grams in one Kilometer Length of yarn; “DENIER” is number of grams in 9000 meters of yarn. In indirect system, the count is the number of unit of fixed length of yarn that makes a fixed weight: For Example “COTTON” is number of hanks of yarn in a Pound, “METRIC” is

number of Kilometers of yarn in one Kilogram. Irrespective of the system of count, two basic requirements for determining count are:

a) An accurate determination of Sample Length, and

b) An accurate determination of its Weight.

The method of determination of count depends to a large extent on the form in which the yarn is available for testing.

Beesley Balance RAMP

EQUIPMENT Beesley-Balance

This is the latest model direct yarn count balance to evaluate yarn count in indirect system. This specially designed equipment consists of a lightweight beam pivoted on Jewel Bearings with a suspender hook at one end and a pointer at the other. The beam is initially leveled with the help of the Leveling Screw to bring the pointer against a Datum Point. A (Calibrated Rider) is suspended in the slot provided on the beam. A template is used to size the lengths of the yarn. (The Length depending upon the count system required). These sort lengths required to balance the Beam gives the count of the yarn DIRECTLY.

A TEMPLATE is provided to give lengths of yarn in ‘METRIC’, ‘COTTON’, ‘LINEN’, ‘WOOLSKIEN’, and ‘WORSTED’ counts. The Balance is housed in a beautiful Metallic Blue painted metal case having Sliding Glass doors.

FEATURES Beesley Balance

Specially designed equipment to determine the count from short lengths of yarn or small pieces of fabric.

· Latest Ergonomic design.

· An Economical direct count balance for prompt and accurate results.

· Majority of Internal parts made of Stainless Steel for life long operations.

· All Internal parts are Scientifically designed for accuracy and repeatable results.

· Fine Template with Metric, Cotton, Linen, Wool-skien and Worsted Counts.

· 2 Nos. Calibrated Riders comes as a standard accessory.

· Supplied complete with Yarn Count Converter to get ready Chart for conversion into Tex,

· Cotton Count, Linen, Woolen, Denier and Decitex.

Supplied Complete with below Accessories:

Main Unit

01 No.

Acrylic Sizing Template for the Yarn

01 No.

Calibration Certificate (Traceable to NPL)

01 No

Calibrated Riders

02 Nos.

Pointing Needle to take out yarn

01 No.

This User’s Manual



Precision Jewel Bearing’s


With Template


Leveling Screw

Template Specification according to material

Cotton : 100mm

Metric : 56 mm

Wool Skin : 30 mm

Half Cotton: 50 mm

Overall Dimension of the Unit

610 (L) x 127 (W) x 216 (H) mm.

24” (L) x 5” (W) x 8.5” (H) Inch.

Net Weight of the Unit

6.1 kg (13.42 lbs.)

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Beesley Balance RAMP INDIA
Beesley Balance RAMP INDIA
৳ 55,000.00