Energy Saving Integrated Steam Generator Boiler A-580

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Steam Technology with Significant Energy and Water Savings

Steam Generator Boiler Energy saving integrated steam generator A-580 An electric  is a kind of vertical boiler with 99.8% efficiency which takes electricity as energy. It has the advantages of environmental protection, flexible use, no pollution, no noise, convenient installation, small

occupation it time to upgrade to a more reliable, easy-to-use, instant electric steam generation system with built-in modern energy-saving features? Upgrade to a generator that offers independent control over the steam flow rate,

temperature, and backpressure. MHI high-temperature steam allows everyone easy access to clean steam that does not contain boiler residue, chemical or bacterial contaminants, or other undesirable solid substances. Unlike conventional boilers, patented MHI steam generators make

instant high-quality, superheated, dry steam above the inversion temperature. Flexibility in the steam characteristics leads to enhanced energy efficiencies, accurate process control, and water savings. MHI steam generators with touch-screen inputs offer features like electrical on-off (on-

demand steam) and management of steam operations with signals from external sensors (humidity meters, concentrators, valves).

  • Type Automatic.
  • Rated Voltage 220v&4k.
  • Steam Iron Hight quality Matching steam iron one set.



Energy-saving integrated A-580 (A-580)

Rated Voltage220v&4k
Steam IronHight quality Matching steam iron one set
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Energy saving integrated steam generator A-580 BD
Energy Saving Integrated Steam Generator Boiler A-580
৳ 58,000.00