G1309S+ 1 inch black solvent based ink zet cartridge bd

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G1309S+ 1 inch black solvent based ink zet cartridge bd

G1309S+ 1 inch G1309S+ nozzle 25.4mm Black Red Green Blue White Yellow Quick-dry ink cartridge for 25.4 mm handheld inkjet printer ink zet cartridge

Please note :
1, This ink cartridge only matches the printer with a 2mm-25.4mm or 2-50.8mm printing height, 50.8mm printer need buy two 25.4mm cartridge.

2, it’s a 25.4mm cartridge which is only compatible with no encrypted printer.

  • solvent fast dry: High quality cartridge with high ink output, 
    good print performance and high reliability. It is a great gift 
    item which can help you save money and protect our environment 

REASONS TO BUY:✨ Handheld inkjet printer lb 100s: the ink cartridge has 
a handheld design and is easy to use. you can print it on any surface, 
such as wood, tile, glass, plastic, etc. 
✨ Tattoo ink for jet printer: our tattoo ink cartridges have a unique 
tattoo ink for a professional look that enhances your tattoos with every 
step of the way. 
✨ Ink catridge 42 ml solvent base: the ink cartridge has been tested 
and fired at a high speed to minimize solvent spills and stains. 
✨ Simple to install: easy to install and disassemble, no tools required.
 just put the ink cartridge into the holder and insert it into the cartridge.
✨ Solid structure: the cartridge is made of high-strength aluminum alloy 
material, which is durable and not easy to break. 
✨ Suitable any occasions: the fast dry solvent is suitable for all 
kinds of high-end printers, such as fax machines, electronic products, 
digital cameras, etc. 


1, Please install or remove the ink cartridge when the printer is turned off to avoid damage.

2. The quick-drying ink cartridge is not used for more than 10 minutes. Please remove the ink cartridge from the printer and fasten it with a clip to protect the nozzle.

3. Please use the ink cartridge according to the correct method.

Solvent Fast Dry Cartridge

could print on almost any material
glass, metal, plastic, cloth, wood, bottle, steel, etc

G1309S+ 25.4mm fast dry solvent ink cartridge for 25.4mm handheld hand jet inkjet printer

Please note :
1, This type is 25.4mm cartridge which is only compatible for no encrypted printer

2, if you buy printer from our store then buy cartridge freely because our all printer is compatible and no encrypted.

Encrypted printer need customize cartridge, we could customize according to your OEM ID, but MOQ is 5-10.

G1309S+ 1 inch black solvent based ink

G1309S+ 1 inchG1309S+ 1 inch bdG1309S+ 1 inch black bdink zet cartridge bdG1309S+ 1 inch black solvent based ink zet cartridge bd


Firing Voltage :9.0 V

Pulse Width : 1.8us

Pulse Warming : OFF


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G1309S+ 1 inch black solvent based ink zet cartridge bd
৳ 10,000.00