Needle Detector Machine in Bangladesh MAX-k688  Needle Detector is used to detect broken metal needles for finished products.

It is equipped with a Formula analysis chip with high sensitivity and intelligence analysis, superior performance, and is easy to operate and maintain. imported non-toxic food grade conveyor belt, all-steel body streamlined, impact-resistant, and anti-weak magnetic resonance interference. With the counter function, it can record the total sample amount, qualified amount, and unqualified separately. The working surface can be divided into 8 parts with LED lights. . Features lightning protection circuit, energy-saving design, and automatic shutdown in ten minutes without operation. With standard mode A and uniform mode B, each mode is with 120 fine adjustments of sensitivity and can be selected to detect accessories or finished products, suitable for a variety of product inspections.

  • Super anti-jamming computer chip integrated circuits,
  • dual metal detector sensor, equivalent to the traditional two-needle machine probe.
  • Aluminum roller, brand motor, all-steel frame.
MAX-K688S/D / Automatic Needle Detector
1.Suits garment, food medicine industrials etc.
2.32bit RICS system, detect precisely and report correctly
3.Easy operating touched screen
Specs Schedule
ModelK688S Anti-jamming single detectorK688D Anti-jamming double detector
Detecting sensitivity600mm(W)×100mm-200mm(L)
Detecting methodFe ¢0.8mm×1.2mm(K688s/K688D)
Operating methodMagnetic induction  Touch type
Detecting height≤120mm
alarmLuminotron position display, Hummer alarm, The stop or return of conveyer belt
Date outputChoose Chinese and English to print the detection report(detection date, detection date, detection standard qualified, checkout and amount and so on)
Power requirementsAC220V ± 10% (50-60Hz)
Power consumption100W Needle Detector Machine
Packing size1910×1140×1080mm2320×1140×1080mm


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Needle Detector Machine in Bangladesh MAX-k688