Crocking Cloth ISO(5x5cm) SDCE UK

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SDCE Cotton Rubbing Fabric / ISO Crocking Cloth SDC 

1305: meters

1320: 5 meter Pack

1323: 5 x 5 cm (Gimped) 500 piece pack

1324 : 5 x 5 cm (Straight) 500 piece pack

1351 : 20 x 10 cm (Gimped) 50 piece pack

Crocking Cloth

SO 105-F09. For use in testing the Wet and Dry Rubbing Fastness of textiles ISO 105 X12 and Shower Resistance tests. It can be purchased by the meter, in a 5-meter pack, or as cut pieces in the following sizes: 5cm x 5cm and 10cm x 20cm. SDCE Cotton Ribbing Fabric

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Crocking Cloth
Crocking Cloth ISO(5x5cm) SDCE UK