Suja Global 30L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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Function Wet and dry
 Capacity 30L
 Power 1200W
 Height 76cm
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Vacuum Cleaner Suja Global 30L wet and dry vacuum cleaner, also known as a shop vac, is a type of  cleaner that is designed to handle both wet and dry debris. It is typically more powerful than a regular  cleaner and is commonly used in commercial settings or for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

The wet and dry cleaner is equipped with a specialized motor and filtration system that allows it to effectively pick up liquids and solids. It usually has a detachable hose and a variety of nozzles and attachments that can be used for different cleaning tasks.

When using the wet and dry cleaner for wet debris, it is important to empty the collection tank frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. It is also important to clean and dry the filter after each use to prevent the buildup of debris and maintain the suction power of the vacuum.

Overall, a wet and dry va cleaner can be a useful tool for cleaning up spills, removing water from flooded areas, and tackling tough cleaning tasks in both commercial and residential settings.


1. Made of semitransparent plastic, the tank is bump-proof and erosion-proof and the
waste water in the tank can be viewed anytime.

2. With a powerful mute motor, the va cleaner has a specially strong suction.

3. allowing a stable and handy use, a complete set of accessories are supplied with the
vacuum cleaner.

Technical Specification:

Function Wet and dry
 Capacity 30L
 Power 1000W
 Height 76cm
 Voltage 220V
 Tank diameter 345mm
 Cooling mode Circulating air cooling
 Air flow rate 53L/S
 Vacuum suction 230mbar
 Length of the cable 7m
 Hose diameter 36mm
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Suja Global 30L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Suja Global 30L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
৳ 15,500.00