TM-01 AATCC Manual Crockmeter in Bangladesh

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TM-01 AATCC Manual Crock meter in Bangladesh

Crock meter (Hand Operated)

TM  Crock (Hand Operated) provides a reciprocating rubbing motion simulating the action of a human finger and forearm. It is used for determination of fastness of dyed and printed textiles to dry and wet rubbing.

The TM-01 AATC Crock (Hand Operated) is so designed that the 16mm diameter finger moves back and forth, with each complete turn of the crank, in a straight line along a 104 ± 3mm track on the specification, with a downward force of 9N.



Technical Specification;
Diameter of the Rubbing Finger:16mm ± 0.2 MM
Force on the Finger:9 N
Size of Crock Square:(5 x 5) cm
Center to center traverse of the finger:104mm ± 3 MM
Size of Test Specimen:25 x 5cm
Packing Dimensions of the Unit:80(L) x 32(W) x 46(H) mm
Gross Weight of the Unit:8 kg
Finish:Light gray/ Metallic Blue


Main Unit:01 No.
Crocking Cloths:200 Pcs Pack
S.S. Spring Clips (For Mounting Crock Squares):02 Nos.
Blotting papers:200 Pcs Pack
Specimen Holder:01 No.
User’s Manual:01 No.
Calibrated Certificate (Traceble to NPL):01 No.


Related Standards;
BS 1006
AATCC 8 / 165
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TM-01 AATCC Manual Crockmeter in Bangladesh
৳ 35,000.00