Truck Scale Monitor With Printing

৳ 22,500.00

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Brand Name: YAOHUA

Model Number: XK3190-D10

Type: Floor Scale

Power Supply: 220v, 220v

Rated Load: 10t

Display Type: 5 red LED

External power supply: 10v±2%, 30ppm,150mA

Sampling rate: 10 times / sec

Indication range: -19999~50000

Input signal: ± 25mV signal

Control output:

2 point


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Weighing indicator Control instrument XK3190-D10

AC/DC power supply
User-defined printing content and format:
User-defined printing format, and be able to connect with serial printing interface and thermal printer
Reliable shield and anti-jamming:
Adopts hardware for shielding and reduces external-jamming and damage of interface

 Standard function

High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
Auto change division among 3 different weighing ranges set up by user
Non-linearity correction, calibration tolerance correction
Password management and time power off function
Able to set up print function for auto/manual; no condition/under condition; daily/sorted statistics report printing

Able to edit English letter referring to a numeric-letter table (like ASCII table), able to download English letter through PC;
Standard RS232 communication interface with selectable baud rate and communication method(RS422/RS485 optional)
Standard scoreboard interface with current loop(20mA)method and standard parallel printer interface
Able to print goods name, customer name, company name and notes in English
Standard and user-defined printing format in horizontal, vertical and record format etc
Able to save 1501 weighing records, 1500 truck records consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight; 201 goods records consisting of goods ID, goods name; 100 customer records consisting of customer ID, customer name, note info
Able to print any parameter of indicator for saving and referring
Hardware detection and voltage of load cell output displaying function

Truck Scale Monitor With Printing ready stock in bd



Technical parameters 


A/D conversion method: ∑-Δ
A/D conversion speed: 200 times/sec
Input signal range:-30mV~30mV
Max. connection number of load cell: 8 at 350 ohm or 16 at 700 ohm
Load cell connection mode: 6 wire, auto compensation for distance≤50 meters
Verified counts: 3000
Max.internal reaolution:600,000
Display: 7 bits LED display 7 status indications,3 power indicators
Scoreboard interface (Standard)
Serially sending by 20mA current loop with baud rate 600,transmiaaion distance≤2000 meters
Communication interface( RS232 C standard; RS422 optional)
Serial communication interface, with selectable baud rate by continuous sending method or on command method
Print interface (Standard)
Parallel sending, able to connect with wide-line printer model KX-P1121,KX-P1131,LQ300K; micro printer for model D10P
Power supply: AC 187~242V,49~51Hz; DC 6V/10Ah battery

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Truck Scale Monitor With Printing
৳ 22,500.00