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T-Scale was founded in 1968 in Taipei, marking 50 years of its establishment. From the early mechanical scale to the electronic scale and the latest intelligent weighing system, T-Scale has consistently held a leadership position in the weighing industry. We’ve invested significantly in research and innovation, introducing new technology and raising industry standards. As a Taiwanese enterprise, we possess a strong manufacturing capability, spanning from SMT chips to machining and electronic assembly. Our team has designed our own automated production equipment and established a robust quality control system. T-Scale’s metrology quality systems have earned both EU Quality System Approval and United States VCAP certifications.

Beyond the T-Scale brand, we also offer OEM/ODM products and services for major global brands. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to meet strict European and American standards, catering to retail, industrial, laboratory, and medical applications. At present, our products are available in over 80 countries worldwide, firmly establishing T-Scale’s significant position within the global weighing industry.

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