45 Gal/170 L Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets in bangladesh

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SYSBEL FM and CE Approved 45 Gal Flammable Liquid and Chemicals

Safety Storage Cabinets

SYSBEL is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fire safety cabinets in Shanghai, referred to as a professional industrial fire safety cabinet manufacturer. It has long been committed to the production of fire safety cabinets, also known as “chemical safety cabinets”. It is the first domestic manufacturer to obtain Fm fire safety cabinets produced by SYSBEL are widely used in petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries to escort the development of various industries.


Flammable cabinet details display:

1. Adjustable shelf: every 7.6cm, freely adjust, increase the space utilization rate

Adjustable shelf

2. Flame barrier: fire and explosion-proof vents, one on each side of the cabinet

 Flame barrier

3. Three-point linkage lock: SYSTEX flat handle, lock is firmer, switch is convenient, and does not take up space

Three-point linkage lock


4. MSDS management: standard MSDS file box, implementation of chemical file management

MSDS management

5.FM fuse (only self-closing door products): automatically blown at 74℃, self-closing door closes

FM fuse

6. Three-point lock: anti-static design of three-point linkage lock

Three-point lock

7. Certified anti-static device (optional): The wire clamp reliably connects the standing grounding device to the safety cabinet, and leads the static charge to the ground to prevent static sparks from causing fire accidents.

Certified anti-static device

8. Self-closing device (self-closing door products only): With its own self-closing system, it can automatically close the metal with the cooperation of the fuse.

Self-closing device

9. Reflective label: In the case of heavy smoke and fire, the position of the cabinet can be quickly locked by lighting.

Reflective label

Thick packaging: The corners are supported and reinforced, and the thick corrugated packaging is used to facilitate transportation and ensure the safety of product transportation.

Thick packaging

Flammable cabinet ‘s advantages and features:

1. Double-wall construction with 38 mm insulating air space for fire resistance;

2. Over 1.2 mm thick, fully welded, construction holds squareness for longer life, offering greater protection in a fire;
3. 87.5 px leak tight sump at the bottom of cabinet’s maximally catches incidental drips;
4. Door can be fully opened to 180°, easy to operate, three-point latch with a manual lock for better security;
5. Standardized warning label is highly visible and anti-corrosive;
6. Unique spill-catcher shelves catch incidental drips and adjust on 150 px centers;
7. Durable & chemical resistant, lead-free powder coat inside and outside cabinet, reduce effects of corrosion and humidity;
8. 2 inches vents with integral flame arresters in both sides of every cabinet;
9. In terms of OSHA, on outside side panel, there is built-in grounding static connector for easy grounding.


flammable cabinet WA810450 parameter

product typeflammable cabinet
CertificationFM, CE
Door typeDouble door/manual
Adjustable Shelves(Pcs)2
Shelf Loading Weight(Kgs)100
Ext dimension(H*W*D/cm)165*109*46
Packing Dimension(H*W*D/cm179*116*53
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45 Gal170 L Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets in bangladesh
45 Gal/170 L Flammable Liquid and Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets in bangladesh