Calibration Weight Set 5 KG In Bangladesh

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M1 – 5kg Weight with Calibration Certificate 

Product Highlights

01.Class: M1

02.Material: Stainless Steel

03.Density: 7.90kg/dm3

04.Magnetic Susceptibility: <0.5

05.Nominal value: 5kg

06.Construction: with cavity for adjustment

07.Shape: cylindrical

08.Finish: Mirror polish

09.Standard Packing: ABS box

10.Mark on weight: M+nominal value+unit:such as: M 100g

11.Application: industrial weights and laboratory, chemical, medical calibration weights, commercial for all kinds of scales such as Analytical balance, floor scale, flat scale, weighing scale, Forklift Scales

Calibration Weight Set 5 KG In Bangladesh ready stock


ClassNominal ValueAccuracy (mg)MaterialShapePackage Size (mm)Weight (kg – with

Packaging)LinkM11mg0.20304 Stainless SteelFlat39x560.02 M12mg0.20304 Stainless

SteelFlat39x560.02 M15mg0.20304 Stainless SteelFlat39x560.02 M110mg0.25304 Stainless

SteelFlat39x560.02 M120mg0.3304 Stainless SteelFlat39x560.02 M150mg0.4304 Stainless

SteelFlat39x560.02 M1100mg0.5304 Stainless SteelFlat39x560.02 M1200mg0.6304 Stainless

SteelFlat39x560.02 M1500mg0.8304 Stainless SteelFlat39x560.02 M11g1.0304 Stainless

SteelCylindrical39x560.021 M12g1.2304 Stainless SteelCylindrical39x560.022 M15g1.6304

Stainless SteelCylindrical39x560.025 M110g2.0304 Stainless

SteelCylindrical39x560.03 M120g2.5304 Stainless SteelCylindrical39x560.04 M150g3.0304

Stainless SteelCylindrical39x560.07 M1100g5.0304 Stainless

SteelCylindrical39x560.12 M1200g10304 Stainless SteelCylindrical45x660.23 M1500g25304

Stainless SteelCylindrical57x840.56 M11kg50304 Stainless

SteelCylindrical67x1111.1 M12kg100304 Stainless SteelCylindrical95x1352.2 M15kg250304

Stainless SteelCylindrical116x1785.4 M110kg500304 Stainless

SteelCylindrical159x30011.2ViewM120kg1000304 Stainless SteelCylindrical187x35021.6


*** Calibration weights are supplied with a calibration certificate ***

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Calibration Weight Set 5 KG In Bangladesh
৳ 11,000.00