Electromagnetic Flow Meter 8inch

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter Euro mag FM-25-S

8inc Electromagnetic Flow Meter The  Euro Mag Meter is a robust state-of-the-art meter for the Agriculture applications industry. This meter technology can detect flows as low as 0,13 m³/h with 0.2% accuracy. Providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability at all flow ranges.  euro mag meters are the industry leader for water measurement and accumulation reporting.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter bd
Electromagnetic Flow Meter bd


  • High Accuracy at wide flow range – Each sensor is calibrated on a hydraulic bench equipped with a reference weighting system
  • Open flow path – Allows for use upstream of filtration, in canals and effluent Water
  • DC compact electronics – Low power consumption ideal for use in locations without a power supply
  • Rugged and Efficient Construction – Accurate measurement of corrosive fluids, manure, and wastewater
  • Combined Sensors – Flow and pressure transducer Combined in one unit for optimizing monitoring capabilities



  • Compliant with water usage reporting regulation
  • Remote or local monitoring of flows and water usage
  • Leak and plugging detection in irrigation systems
  • Accumulations of filtration flush water

Ambient and working Conditions.
Ambient temperature: sensor: -25°C to + 60°C; converter: -25°C to + 60°C.

Relative humidity: 5% to 90%; Fluid conductivity: 5m S/cm

Maximum fluid temperature:-

  • Compact type: 60°C
  • Remote type: Teflon 150°C
  • Neoprene 80°C; 120°C
  • Polyurethane 70°C

Working Principles

Measuring Principles The measuring principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Faraday. The sensor is mainly composed of a measuring tube with an isolated lining, a pair of electrodes installed by penetration of the measuring tube wall, a pair of coils, and an iron core to produce a working magnetic field. When the conductive fluid flows through the measuring tube of the sensor, the voltage signal in direct proportion to the average flow velocity of the fluid will be inducted into the electrodes. The signal is amplified and treated by the transmitter to realize various display functions.

Product Classification

An electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of a sensor and converter. It has two forms: compact-type and remote-type. The remote-type also needs a special double-layer shielded cable to connect the converter and the sensor. There are seven kinds of electrode materials and four kinds of lining materials available for the sensor.

Technical Specification

Peak flow rate15 m/s
(refer to accuracy curve)
indication±0.5%(flow rate no less than 0.8m/s)
Conductibility of fluid.?_.5ps/cm
Nominal pressureDN15—DN1504.0MPa
. DN15—DN6001.6MPa
Ambient temperatureSensor-25°C— +60°C
compact flowmeter and converter-10°C— +60°C
The liner material and
maximum temperature of
liner materialRemote-typeCompact-type
order required)
polyvinyl fluoride100°C;150°C(special
order required)
order required)
polychloropree rubber80°C;120°C(special
order required)
Electrode typeFixed type(DN150—DN2600); Blade type(DN300—DN1600)
Material of signal electrode
and grounding electrode
mo-containing stainless steel, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, titanium
alloy, tantalum alloy, platinum-iridium alloy, stainless steel-coated wolframcarbide
Flange Materialcarbon steel
Grounding flange materialstainless steel 1Crl8Ni9Ti


Production Name magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter
 Medium water;wastewater;Mud and varioue kinds of conductivity liquid
 Diameter DN10~DN2000mm
 Accuracy +/-0.5%
 Temperature <80ºC(rubber); <180ºC(PTFE)
Pressure 4.0Mpa(DN10~80);1.6Mpa(DN100~150);1.0Mpa(DN200~1000);0.6Mpa(DN1200~2000)
 Flow speed 0.3~10m/s
 Requirement of   pipeline Upstream ≥5DN;Downstream≤3DN
 Electrode Stainless steel 316L(standard);Titanium;Tantalum;Hastelloy
 Lining PTFE;Rubber
 Connection Flange;thrad;clamp on
 Body material Cast steel stainless steel
 Power supply 220V;24V;Battery
 Output Pulse;4~20mA;HART;RS485;MODBUS;GPRS
 Communication HART;RS485;MODBUS
 Explosion proof Customized
 Protection IP65 or IP68
 Environment Environment:-20~60ºC
 Power <20W
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Electromagnetic Flow Meter 8inch
Electromagnetic Flow Meter 8inch
৳ 95,000.00