Water Flow Meter Euromag 3inch

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3inch Water Flow Meter Euromag Flow Meter Ready Stock In Bangladesh

Water Flow Meter Euromag 3inch  This technology of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter has a number of advantages when it comes to liquid flow measurement. The sensors are generally inserted inline into the pipes’ diameter and are therefore designed such that they do not disturb or restrict the flow of the medium under measurement. As the sensors are not directly immersed in the liquid-there are no moving parts there is no wear and tear concerns.3inch Water Flow Meter Euromag Flow Meter Ready Stock bdThe method of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volume flow, which means the measurement is insensitive to changes in effects such as fluid density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity. Once the electromagnetic water flow sensor measurement transmitter meters is calibrated with water, it can be used to measure the other types of conductive fluid with no additional correction. This is a significant advantage that other types of flow meters don’t have.3inch Water Flow Meter Euromag Flow Meter Ready Stock bd

what’s the technical parameters of magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter?

Production Name magnetic electromagnetic flowmeter
 Medium water;wastewater;Mud and varioue kinds of conductivity liquid
 Diameter DN10~DN2000mm
 Accuracy +/-0.5%
 Temperature <80ºC(rubber); <180ºC(PTFE)
Pressure 4.0Mpa(DN10~80);1.6Mpa(DN100~150);1.0Mpa(DN200~1000);0.6Mpa(DN1200~2000)
 Flow speed 0.3~10m/s
 Requirement of   pipeline Upstream ≥5DN;Downstream≤3DN
 Electrode Stainless steel 316L(standard);Titanium;Tantalum;Hastelloy
 Lining PTFE;Rubber
 Connection Flange;thrad;clamp on
 Body material Cast steel ;stainless steel
 Power supply 220V;24V;Battery
 Output Pulse;4~20mA;HART;RS485;MODBUS;GPRS
 Communication HART;RS485;MODBUS
 Explosion proof Customized
 Protection IP65 or IP68
 Environment Environment:-20~60ºC
 Power <20W


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Water Flow Meter Euromag 3inch
Water Flow Meter Euromag 3inch
৳ 53,000.00