Industrial Vacuum Iron Table

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Vacuum ironing table automatic

Dehumidifying ironing table with hand

Industrial Vacuum Iron Table Vacuum ironing table automatic dehumidifying ironing table in Bangladesh Vacuum dehumidification ironing table is used for silk, velvet, suit, skirt, casual wear, and other fashion ironing and shaping. Electric heating can be set on the table and die head, which reduces the speed of steam condensation and makes the table dry, and improves the quality of ironing clothes. Footswitch control motor and die head rotation control throttle conversion, simple and convenient operation.

SUJA GLOBAL Vacuum Iron Table for clothes. SUJA GLOBAL Vacuum Iron Table with Handle (SGA-1500AUTO) Series ironing tables used for drying and trimming equipment for clothing made by wool, blended fabrics, chemical fiber, cotton, velveteen, corduroy and other materials, no burns and no baldness after being ironed.

Industrial Vacuum Iron Table
Vacuum ironing table automatic dehumidifying ironing table in Bangladesh
Product feature:
① Integrated design, inbuilt with Vacuum dehumidification automatically controls adding water and heating. Quickly heating and sufficient pressure.

② Inbuilt with the steam furnace, short steam pipe, and low heating loss, to keep the steam temperature dry. It solves the shortcomings of using traditional large boilers,
long steam supply pipelines, high heating loss, and wet steam.
③ Energy-saving type advantages: Unique steam exhaust recycling structure, fully use steam exhaust, which saves about 40% steam consumption compared with other types.
  • It has strong absorption and dehumidifies fast.
  • It can be used as a spotting table with a jet gun.
  • Taking water, moisture, and cooling stereotypes of the function.
  • It has good performance when it was used for wool, silk, and fluff.
  • It has a pedal swath, round head, and light, convenient for operation.

Industrial Vacuum Iron Table


  • Table Size 1500x800mm
  • Heating Without heating
  • Hand 1500x800mm
  • Rated Voltage 220v, 50Hz
  • Motor Power 800W
  • Motor Speed 2800rpm


Table Size1500x800mm
HeatingWithout heating
Rated Voltage220v, 50Hz
Motor Power800W
Motor Speed2800rpm
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Industrial Vacuum Iron Table
Industrial Vacuum Iron Table
৳ 35,500.00