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Laboratory Water Distillation 10Liter Distilled Water Machine

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Explore the best Singaporean water distillation plants capable of producing 10 liters per hour, complete with a one-year warranty.

Find authorized sellers in Bangladesh offering reliable water purification solutions for your needs.

Model NO. SG-SSB-10
After-sales Service Online
Operating Type Continuous Type
Installation Tripod
Centrifuge Type Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge
Distillation Equipment Type Steam Distillation Equipment
Extraction Tower Type Vibration Plate Tower
Pressure Medium Pressure
Condition Brand New
Distilled Water Output 10
Power 7.5kw
Voltage 380V
Distilled Water Cooling Water 1:8.5
Dimension 80cm
Laboratory Water Distillation 10Liter price in bangladesh Distilled Water Machine
Distilled Water Machine
  •  Introduction Distilled Water Machine distil water
    • Introduce the importance of pure water and the benefits of using a high-quality distillation plant.
  • Features and Specifications:
    • Detail the features of the water distillation plant, focusing on its capacity (10 liters per hour) and any unique specifications that set it apart.
  • Singaporean Brand Distilled Water Machine
    • Highlight the reputation and reliability of Singaporean water distillation plant brands in ensuring top-notch quality.
  • Warranty Information:
    • Emphasize the one-year warranty as a key selling point, providing assurance to potential buyers.
  • Why Choose a Singaporean Brand:
    • Discuss the reasons why consumers should opt for a Singaporean brand, such as advanced technology, industry expertise, or superior manufacturing standards.
  • Seller Information in Bangladesh:
    • Mention the authorized sellers or distributors in Bangladesh, providing contact details and locations where the product is available.
  • Use:
    • The product can be used in medical and health, scientific research institutions, laboratories and other fields..
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Laboratory Water Distillation 10Liter Distilled Water Machine
৳ 45,000.00