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Spill Kits Drum 81L Universal

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  • Model:SYK200
  • Size:60.5*66
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 Drum丨Spill kits丨SYSBEL

Spill Kits Drum 81L Universal  SYSBEL supply high quality spill control products, protect for the employees and environment. We have various models for your choice. This product is applicable to temporary storage and transportation of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances), and widely applied in secondary packaging, transportation, transfer and spill handling, etc. It is manufactured by one-time rotational molding and can realize 100% spill protection. It also has good toughness. Polyethylene is resistant to UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals. The emergency treatment drum can be nested to reduce the storage space and transportation costs.


With a variety of adsorption materials, help you respond quickly to unexpected incidents, and can isolate hazardous waste and contaminants with the spill barrel to prevent secondary leakage hazard, which is suitable for large-scale spill. Spill Kits  Price in Bangladesh

Spill Kits Drum 81L Universal Features

Made of melt blown polypropylene. Has the following characteristics:
1 Large adsorption capacity (10 or 25 times its own weight)
2. Fast adsorption (measured in minutes)
3. Suspended, suitable for industrial or marine use
4. Clean, light and fast
5. Reusable, save money
6. Not easy to react chemically (chemical resistance)
7. Safe and environmentally friendly, no combustion, no rot or mildew
8. Only 0.02% of ashes are left in high temperature incineration, and each pound of product can release 18000BTU of heat after combustion
9. Active plan to fully ensure the safety of equipment and employees
10. Low total cost and high effectiveness
Storage Requirements —– Keep away from moisture, open flames and heaters
Stability —- Stable
Auto-ignition —- 441 degrees Celsius
Melting point —- 149-204 degrees Celsius

21.5 gal universal spill kitSpill Capacity(Gal/L) : 21.5/81
1 pc 20-gallon overpack salvage drum 25 pcs 50cm×40cm absorbent Pad,6 pcs 7.6cm×120cm absorbent sock.5 pcs 45cm×45cm absorbent pillow, 1bag(60pcs)Industrial Wipe,3 pcs hazamat disposal bags,3 pcs cable tie,1 pc Ra×-9202 safety goggle, 1 pc safety gloves, 1 pc user manual
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Spill Kits Drum 81L Universal
Spill Kits Drum 81L Universal
৳ 35,000.00