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Universal Drum Spill Kits with 95 Gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage

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  • Capacity : [80 Gal/302 L
  • Model:SYK950
  • Size:104*78.5
  • Certification: CE
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Drum Spill Kits. Spill kits usually include absorbent pad, absorbent sock, absorbent roll, absorbent pillow, absorbent boom.
The absorbent pad is suitable for leakage treatment in a small area. When using, the absorbent pad can be directly placed on the liquid surface. The leaking liquid will be quickly absorbed, which is safe and convenient.

The absorbent roll is suitable for the leakage treatment of indoor floors. When leakage occurs, the operator can directly lay it on the floor for adsorption. In addition, since the cotton rolls are all tear-off type self-collecting packs, they can also be operated instead of cotton sheets when needed.

Universal Drum Spill Kits Image:

80 gal universal spill kituniversal absorbent paduniversal absorbent sockuniversal absorbent pillowuniversal absorbent roll
universal absorbent paduniversal absorbent sockuniversal absorbent pillowuniversal absorbent roll
80 gal universal spill kitindustrial wiping papersafety gogglehazamat disposal bagssafety gloves
industrial wiping papersafety gogglehazamat disposal bagssafety gloves

The absorbent sock is suitable for large-area or multi-volume leaks. You can use absorbent cotton to delineate the leak range and gradually narrow the leak range. According to the actual leakage area, select the appropriate length of the absorbent cotton sliver, and make sure that the contacts at both ends of the cotton sliver overlap to form a strong barrier for leakage.

The absorbent pillow is used alone or in combination with absorbent tampons. When in use, the operator can directly place the absorbent pillow on the leaking liquid of a larger area (or the area that has been delineated by the absorbent cotton sliver) to directly and quickly absorb the leaking liquid.

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Universal spill kits are suitable for oil, water, coolants, solvents, pigments, dyes and other unidentified liquids. General purpose absorbent cotton is usually grey. The adsorption products are all wrapped in polypropylene non-woven fabrics that are sewn with a surface-activating treatment agent. The outer fabric is tough and durable, and has strong adsorption properties, so as to absorb the leakage liquid flowing to the adsorption cotton, effectively preventing In order to prevent the spread of leakage, 72% of the leakage liquid can be recovered after the product is twisted and squeezed. Universal Drum Spill Kits Price in Bangladesh

Oil spill kits are professionally suitable for absorbing petroleum hydrogen, hydrocarbons, etc., only absorb oil, but not water. The inner filling is polypropylene that absorbs oil and repels water. This kind of product does not absorb water when it is used on the water surface. After the adsorption is saturated, it floats on the water. It can adsorb oil 15-40 times its own weight. Usually white.

Chemical spill kits are suitable for the adsorption of acid, corrosive and other chemical liquids and chemical oils, and are suitable for the leakage treatment of acids, corrosives and other hazardous liquids. Usually pink or red. Price In Bangladesh

95 gal universal spill kitSpill Capacity(Gal/L) : 80/302
1 pc 95-gallon overpack salvage drum 125 pcs 50cm×40cm absorbent pad,24 pcs 7.6cm×120cm absorbent sock,15 pcs 45cm×45cm absorbent pillow,2 bags (60 pcs/bag)Industrial Wipe,10 pcs hazamat disposal bags,10 pcs cable tie,1 pair of Rax-9202 safety goggles, 1 pair of safety gloves,1 pc user manual.


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Universal Drum Spill Kits with 95 Gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage
Universal Drum Spill Kits with 95 Gallon Poly-Overpack Salvage
৳ 85,000.00