ST9450 Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager

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eo ideo Product Description;

Professional Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager IR Digital Thermal Imaging Camera infrared thermometer Detector 300,000 pixels ST9450


1. All products with original packaging box, so that can protect the products well on the shipping way avoid damage.
2. The product contain the battery because of the limitation of the airline company.
3. Warranty: All units are with Retail box. and we offer Long warranty period of 2 years,in two years will repair for free.
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SMART SENSOR Thermal Imaging Camera integrates surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal image.The traditional infrared thermometer needs to measure svery component one by one while it is not necessary for infrared imaging camera,thus saving time.The potential problems may be displayed on color display screen clearly.Moreover,the central point measurement cursor is used to locate quickly and accurately to measure the temperature of the target object

In order to increase the differentiation,the product is provided with a visible light camera.The thermal images and visible images are stored in the device and can be read through USB or stored in a computer to generate a report or for print.The supported operating system through verification incluses:win XP,win7,win8,win10,Apply system.It is suggested to use the attached USB cable or USB cable with higher quality

The product can be used in fields of medical treatment,fire fighting,archaeology,traffic,agriculture,geology,energy,amelting,electronic manufacture,etc and is the ideal selection for electrician and maintenance personnel and technicians and can be used to find the problem area quickly.



The following major functions increase the product’s accuracy and usability:

1.The radiation coefficient may be adjusted to increase the measurement accuracy of objects with half reflection surface.

2.The highest temperature and lowest temperature cursor may guide the users to the areas with highest and lowest temperature of the thermal images.

3.The selectable color palette.


 Brand name: Smart sensor
 Display screen 3.2” full angle TFT display screen
 Infrared image resolution 200*160
 Visible image resolution 300,000 pixels
 Field angle/shortest focus length 27°×35°/0.5m
 Thermal sensitivity 0.07°C
 Temperature measurement range -25℃ to 450℃(-13℉ to 842℉)
 Measurement accuracy ±2%/±2℃
 Emissivity Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
 Frame rate of thermal images 9Hz
 Wavelength coverage 8-14um
 Focus mode Fixed
 Color palette Rainbow,iron oxide red,cold color,black&white,white&black
 Storage medium Built-in 3G
 File format JPG
 USB Micro USB 2.0
 Power supply Built-in rechargeable battery
 Automatic power-off time Selectable:5 minutes/20 minutes/not power off automatically
 Product size(length×width×height) 90mm×105mm×223mm
 Product weight 389g
 Working temperature 0℃ to 45℃
 Storage temperature -40℃ to 60℃
 Relative humidity <85%RH
 Package see picture

Diagram Description:

ST9450 Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager

ST9450 Handheld

 1.Visible light camera

2.Infrared imaging sensor

 3.Image capture key
 4.Micro USB
ST9450 model 1.Battery power

2.Current emissivity

3.Color code

4.Temperature cursor at central point


6.Central point temperature

7.The lowest temperature cursor

8.The highest temperature cursor

9.Maximum value/minimum value of field temperature

kye pad 1.Menu key

2.Selection key

3.Enter key

4.Navigation key:UP.down,left and right

5.ON/OFF key

Operation Instruction:

1.Charging:the product is provided with built-in 18650 lithium battery.When the battery power is not sufficient,please charge it through Micro USB interface in time.
2.ON/OFF key:hold down ” 11” key to power on/off.
3.Switching between infrared thermal image and visible image:press”22 ” or “33 “key to switch the degree of fusion between infrared thermal images and visible images(the degree of fusion is 0%,25%,50%,75% and 100%).
4.Image capture: press the image capture key.When the capture is successful,the screen will display”store photo?”prompt.If “yes”is selected,please press”MENU”key to confirm to save the image.If”no” is selected,press”SELECT”key to confirm not to save the image.
5.The function to hide highest/lowest temperature column at the screen botton:under the operation after normal start up,press” 44“key and the screen bottom will display highest/lowest temperature column.Press” 55“can also hide it.
6.Image output:The saved images through capture may be checked and output by connecting with a computer through Micro USB


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ST9450 Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager
৳ 70,000.00